Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lopez Island

It's so beautiful here! I have been taking pictures, but will have to wait to post them when I return. I am using the library's computer, which is great so I can blog and check my email, but it means pictures will have to wait.

Monday was a great day. I explored the island's west side, down to Shark Reef. I hiked the short trail through the woods to the water, where I was greeted by a fogbank. Across the channel I would've been able to see San Juan Island, which would've made for an amazing view. I could hear boat horns and buoys, which was kind of eerie when I couldn'se see them.

I made myself dinner: a green salad topped with leftover steak from Sunday night's dinner, linguine, and local Italian peasant rolls. The island has organic produce available, and there is a creamery, a bakery, and a winery.

There are lots of trees, grassy fields, and rolling hills. In the evenings it actually gets warmer, even if it was cool during the day. The main things to do here are bike ride, kayak, and sailing. It's so gorgeous, and slow-paced.

Today, I slept in. It was fabulous! Once I got up, I showered and ate lunch. Then I took a nap. Yes, this is definitely vacation.

Tomorrow I will be more adventurous. I want to ride the ferry to San Juan Island and explore Friday Harbor. There is good shopping there, I hear. You can ride the ferry for free if you are walking on, how cool is that?

More later.

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