Thursday, August 11, 2005


OC: Okay mom, I’m going to weaw your favowite undewwear (meaning, my favorite pair of her underwear; I didn’t know I had a favorite, but anyway….).

Me: Oh?

OC: Yep! Do you like Bawbie?

Me: She’s okay. Not as well as I like Hello Kitty.

OC: Well, if you do, I’ve got these. (shows purple Barbie underwear that, only have “Barbie” written on the waistband…no pictures on it whatsoever. How does she know these are Barbie? Is she reading it?? Cool.)

OC: (Finds a pair with Winnie the Pooh on them, says contemplatively...) I love Winnie the Pooh, of couwse.

Me: Um-hm.

OC: Here it is, Hello Kitty…your favowite!

And today, as we were getting of the bus:

OC: Remember that time the door almost closed on my awm? I was so fwightened.

Me: Yes, I do. I was, too.

Is it just me or is it amazing that she’s 4 and she used of the word “frightened” instead of “scared” or another word? I love how she doesn’t pronouce “r’s” yet, and instead they come out sounding like “w’s”. She used to say opopus, but now can say octopus. Darn it! That made my dad laugh every time.

Oh, and another thing she’s often saying, “That’s a figure of speech, wight, mama?”

It's a good reminder to remember how very closely I as a parent am being listened, albeit selectively. Good grief, you should hear her in the car when the first car in line at a light doesn't take off the second the light turns green! From the backseat I hear, "Go, car! Geez, the light is green already!" In defense of exhibiting my Type A personality, I am glad that she quotes thusly and not the string of profanity that usually escapes me when driving (which I try to minimize to when I'm in the car alone).

The part that I cannot capture in writing is the tone she uses, and the inflection. Those are a huge part of how entirely cute and sweet are these things that she says, even the road rage-ish things. I wish I could capture it for you, but for family members who read this, you know what I'm talking about.

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