Thursday, August 25, 2005

Last Day on Lopez

Breakfast this morning was annoying. I went to the bakery for a peach-and-raspberry scone, a cashew-and-butterscotch cookie, and a coffee. I was hoping for a peaceful morning to eat my baked goods and read, but the crowd gathered to enjoy their baked goods were having none of it. Everyone felt compelled to talk. This being a public place, I didn't feel like I could really tell them to shut up. Out loud, anyway. I was saying that a lot in my head, but no one seemed to pick up on it. I suppose some people might describe the scene as "energetic" or "vibrant", and those same persons might enjoy the crowd and conversation. Me and my Type A personality would say it was "irritating".

There was a girl of about 9 years old who decided that she must sit on the ledge in front of my table, with her tennis-shoed feet a mere 24 inches away from my breakfast. She seemed to prefer the ledge in front of me, and not the one in front of the table where no one was sitting. Finally she got her chubby butt up and went to find her father. Which brings me to an observation: well-dressed, chubby young kids are everywhere here. Their parents obviously have money, for there are beautiful sailboats all over the place. Why do I suspect that their sailboat kitchens are full of Cheetos and ice cream? Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just a guess.

Getting off the ferry yesterday, I passed a boy - while walking - who was struggling up the hill. Now I think it is great that these kids are getting away from their video games and satellite dishes and getting to spend some time outdoors doing activities with their families. I just don't think it's enough to last them all year long. The island could be a mecca for hypactive thyroid disorder, for all I know, but I think I am witnessing America's youth obesity problem first hand. I feel sorry for these kids.

And yes, my scone AND cookie were excellent, but may I also add that I parked my car at the library and walked to the bakery? Just so you know I'm not quite the hypocrite that I sound. Also? I love Cheetos and ice cream, and would not begrudge anyone an indulgence in either item. It's just, I'd like for these parents to get their kids off the couch every once in a while, that's all.

I leave tomorrow morning, which makes me feel kind of anxious today. I have had a wonderful time here, enjoying the peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, and glorious time to do whatever I feel like doing. I am not looking forward to going back to the old routine. I miss my fiance, I miss my daughter, and for them I can't wait to get back. But for a hurried schedule and work and the rest, I do not look forward to facing anytime soon.

Allright, I'm off to find a sunny, quiet beach so I can read my book. I'd like to finish Angle of Repose while I'm here. You can look forward to pictures next week, dear reader!

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