Thursday, December 22, 2005

Alternative Gifts

If you don't know what to give someone, or don't want to add to their clutter, here are some great options:

Read this story of someone who was helped by the Oregon Food Bank, where 96.4 cents out of every dollar goes directly to Oregon Food Bank programs and activities that collect and distribute food for families in need and address the root causes of hunger. Check out your local food bank, where work is being done to help working families in your area.

Mercy Corps has a range of kits available to purchase for a small amount of money. This is a great way to help someone in the world.

Another great organization is Heifer International.

If you like to knit, check out the Dulaan Project: Knitting for Mongolia. Or, if you don't knit but rather crochet, check out Project Linus.

These are things you can do throughout the year. I will be saving money for CAT which is the Cat Adoption Team: the Pacific Northwest’s largest non-profit, no-kill cat shelter and hospital. CAT rescues, rehabilitates and places the community’s abandoned, neglected and injured cats and kittens into loving, lifetime homes. CAT not only partners with the community but with local county shelters, other rescue groups and veterinary offices to take in cats that might otherwise be euthanized due to medical problems or space constraints. CAT saves more than 2,500 lives per year and relies heavily on the support of the public and generous volunteers. Yay!

Now go out there and do some good.


april said...

nice work, lady - good ideas!

Anonymous said...

um,.... what happened to "Love of Dove Lewis"?, the non-profit emergency animal hospital that helps thousands of hurt stray animals each year, not to mention your dear friend works there?