Thursday, December 01, 2005

Les Chats

I can't find the tweezers, so that crazy black hair on my chin is just going to have to stay put for now.

There are so many things at home that I can't find right now. There are also so many things I can't put away yet. The hardwood floors in the bedroom haven't gotten their first coat of finish, and it takes two or three coats to complete them. Once the last coat has been applied, you can walk on it after one week. It must sit for another week after that before you can put furniture on it. It's beginning to feel like this will never end. Although I'm sure it will, just in time to remodel the kitchen! Oh, I can't even think about that right now.

The cats have begun their confinement this morning. I am sure they will spend the day trying to escape. It seems as though Sable is the stressed out, inappropriate pee-er and pooper. OH caught him in the act this morning. I am a bit relieved at it being Sable, because I could part with him more easily than Dakota. If it were Dakota, I would do whatever it took to keep him with me, because after thinking about what to do, I could not give him up. I am quite attached to little Pooky. That's his nickname. That, and Peaches Cheeks, Kitty Kola, Pooky Bear, Pooky Lau, Peachamay. Don't ask me why with the names, it's just what I call him.

Sable has needed a less stressful home for a long time now. He basically wigs out any time something is loud or moves too quickly; is new, different, or any other variable you can think of. He's not good with variables. Poor guy. There have been so many changes these past few years. It's stressful for all of us, and I have sympathy for that high-strung cat. He is a sweet boy, he just needs a consistently quiet home environment.

I tried to find him a home a year and a half ago, but no luck. One person was interested, but at that time his fur decided to mat so badly that he was one giant walking fur mat. Sable's hair doesn't usually mat, it's always Dakota's that does. It was very unusual, and I couldn't give him away in that condition. If I have to find a home for Sable, I want to make sure it's a good home. If he goes to a shelter, I want to make sure he stays alive and isn't euthanized. I am responsibile for these kitty's lives, and I need to do what's best for them, even if one isn't behaving well, and especially if he isn't happy.

I am keeping the litter boxes sparkling! They are pristine. I didn't know you had to wash them out so often, and that you shouldn't use bleach, or that kitty's had such a keen sense of smell. I knew they don't like a dirty box, so I would always scoop it out, but I didn't realize the extent of it.

I ordered some heavy duty enzyme cleaner, which is coming in the mail this week but as of yet, hasn't arrived. While the cats are confined, they need to feel secure and not separated. I bought them some new toys and catnip last night. They'll get lots of attention tonight.

We'll see what the house looks like when we come home. I hope the kitties are snuggled up in their new, cozy kitty beds and that they are happy. I really hope this works!

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