Friday, December 09, 2005

Cleanliness and Magnetism

OH is a JV defensive line coach at a local high school. That school's Varsity is playing for the State Championship in Eugene on Saturday. We are driving down tonight to stay in a hotel. What does all of this mean? It means something important. Something VERY IMPORTANT indeed, my friends. It means I get to take a shower.

I haven't had a shower in weeks, people. Do not get the wrong impression, I have bathed. The key word there being "bath". I like baths, I even love them, but not every single time I need to remove filth from my person. For example, they are not so handy when you are in a rush, which happens to be the perpetual state in which I reside. They are not so good when you are having your period, either. I found myself doing a prebath cleansing that was redundant and not fun. It reminded me of washing dishes in the sink before you put them in the dishwasher. I detest this. In a similar fashion, I also detest trying to clean myself with wet toilet paper before I go in to take a bath.

Ummm...Let's move on, shall we?

I read an interesting article about the earth's shifting magnetic field. (I warned you we were switching subjects.) It seems as though it is moving more rapidly than in previous decades, and now it's moving across the Arctic Ocean from Canada toward Europe and Siberia, at a rate of 25 miles per year.

"Who cares?" You might say, "This is nothing new."

That's true. The Earth's magnetic north pole has always shifted locations. Currently, it's about 700 miles off the geographic north pole. The Earth has even reversed its poles, but that was 780,000 years ago. Magnetic north normally shifts between Canada and Siberia, but it's happening more quickly and with less meandering than normal.

There is no cause for alarm. I care only because I have never been to Alaska to see the Northern Lights, and pretty soon they won't be visible from North America. That's a bummer, because that was kind of our, meaning North America's, thing. But the good news is, they will be visible from Siberia. Great! I'll just check Expedia for a flight. I don't know what city I'd want. Or if you can enter Siberia, or more importantly, leave it. Or if there is a place to stay besides, you know, a prison workcamp. Ah, but I stereotype. I really know nothing about Siberia's current state.

Read more here and here, my geeky little friends. And have a good weekend.

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