Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Today is a New Day, Scarlett

Tonight, may I recommend that women with any self-respect NOT watch the Victoria's Secret Parade of Hot Models On Regular TV When Isn't That What Cable Is For?....I mean, fashion show. Ahem.

I'm all for hot models and sexy lingerie, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying I don't need to see why, for free and on regular tv, I should feel even more inadequate than I already do, fuck you very much.

We will be watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, and taping Gilmore Girls. Afterward, we will pray for the souls of those who watched the VS show...just kidding! The porn's in the mail, due to arrive in it's plain brown wrapper. And all is as it should be.

Last night, OH got up in the attic and organized what we have stored up there. He found a package of new socks, unopened; Score! And a big box of t-shirts. Yes, he keeps extra clothes in the attic. No, I don't know why. He found some things to get rid of (no, not the t-shirts or socks...) and made room for more to be stored up there. What!? I thought he LIKED all my stuff piled in the garage, so he couldn't park his 1968 Mustang there! Silly me.

I went through OC's closet and took some boxes out of there that could be stored in the attic. That left lots of room to put HER things in there. What a novel fucking concept: your own things in your own closet. Hot damn.

It was just a little bit of organizing, but it sure felt great. We will do more of that tonight. Also tonight: we will finish the Thank You notes. From the wedding. Which was in October. I don't know what Emily Post would have to say about that, but I know what I have to say: I'm sorry they're so damn late, we really appreciate the loot, now get off my back because I just moved all my stuff into a garage and am now living amid a construction zone while sleeping on a futon. I will finish writing cards filled with heartfelt words of appreciation as soon as I can.

Pray for me.

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