Friday, December 16, 2005

Bits of This and That

A Google search of my name reveals in the first few results that people who share my name are: a successful key hairstylist for movies, a biomedical researcher, a USDA rural development specialist, a photographer, and someone's sister in life and Christ to whom their website is lovingly dedicated. What a diverse group. I am not in the search results, at least not in the first three or four pages.

I was going to complain about anonymous comments left on this blog until I remembered that I am anonymous myself. Unless and until I reveal my name, I won't be complaining if you don't want to leave your real name, either. The one thing that would be nice is to leave an actual email address, then I can respond to you. My email address is displayed, after all.

I have an addiction to the Celebrity Baby Blog. That, and any scrap of news on Britney and her Federjerk. Shallow? Maybe. But I can kick some serious booty in the entertainment category of trivia games. That's no more frivolous than filing away minute sports statistics. Neither are necessary, just fun.

OH is home today working on the house. He's installing window sills, trim, and I don't know what all else. Is that grammatically correct, "What all else?" I don't know. It's Friday, and I'm too tired to give it much thought. He's doing a wonderful job, too. I love my husband. Yesterday was our two-month wedding anniversary. How long are you considered a newlywed? And, where's my MTV reality show? We could call it, "Newlyweds: OC & OH And The Remodel Which Sees No End". It would be a barrel of laughs. New jokes include the Grout Getter, a tool I bought that is used to scrape grout out between tiles. I bought it because, after seeing how the light-colored grout looks on the dark shower floor, I wanted to change it to dark grout. The grout was only down on the floor in a small area. It's not like I have to scrape it out of the entire shower floor. I think the dark grout will look great, and really it's not that much work to scrape out the dried grout. We'll use it on the bathroom floor as well. I bought the Grout Getter yesterday, along with more light-colored grout in butter cream and dark-colored grout in charcoal. That makes three boxes of butter cream, now, bought on three separate occasions. I live to run errands.

I'm going to do some Christmas shopping tonight after work. OC is visiting her dad, so I have some time and privacy to get her gifts, plus OH's and others that must remain a secret. I'm pretty sure OC could keep the gifts a secret, but I can't very well go shopping for her when she's with me. I have no idea what to get for a few people. I will have to just walk around until I come across something. This usually works well when you go to stores with a good variety, like Cost Plus World Market or Target.

With all the complaining I do about the remodel, it's about time I said that I'm grateful to have a house to remodel in the first place. I have many blessings. My family is well, I have wonderful friends, there is food to eat, and the kitties are just as fluffy as ever. Life is good, if but containing a few hassles here and there. I'm happy.

Thus ends today's random entry. Have a great weekend!

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