Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Post With Pictures

Yesterday's post was wordy. Here are a few photos to break it up. It is my father-daughter collage.

OC loves to help us, and one of the things she and daddy do together, besides boxing and wrestling, is the firewood. On this day, he cut up kindling while she put it in a bucket and brought it to me to put away inside the house. I love her yellow rubber boots, and her pigtails. She and daddy also like to hang out together, drink tea, and watch something on tv (which is probably The Simpsons).

On an unrelated note, I have many, many blogs saved to my Favorites folder. On a regular basis, I read about one-third of those. From time to time I go through the folder and try and delete the link to blogs I don't read regularly. Sometimes during this process I will check on a blog and I come across a really great entry. Then, I can't delete it. Such is the case with this one. (Skip the first two paragraphs, and read on.) I also graduated in 1992, and remember when these were hot trends.

Oh my!

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