Friday, December 09, 2005

Update, With Pictures

As promised, the garage and its contents. You cannot see the other enormous pile. It's just to the left of the visible enormous pile.

I heart the bathroom floor! It's so pretty. Indulge me, won't you, in revelling in my tile-picking-out skills. They are mad tile-picking out skills, if I do say so myself. The lovely creams! The lovely browns! The lovely creamy-browns! It all matches and blends and complements in such a lovely way.

The shower floor, which is way in the back, is also muy, muy bonita. It's hard to see in this photo. Trust me on this one.

The good news: There will be plenty of time to enjoy the house in its current state. The bad news: Because it isn't going to get done before Christmas.

More good news: it looks really, really good. And, there's a toilet (not shown)!

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