Thursday, December 29, 2005

Scared Shitless

I'm a regular at this coffee shop/bakery place, so much so that the guy has a 16 oz. cup ready to go when he sees me coming. I love this. They have trivia at this coffee shop/bakery, which I love. I haven't been able to answer a single question since I began going there, oh, two months ago. Until! Yesterday. The question: On what street did the demon barber Sweeney Todd live? Answer: Fleet Street. I knew it, and won a free cookie, thank you very much. It was a proud, proud moment when the useless minutiae that clutters my brain actually won me something for free. Oh how I love useless minutiae!

We're taking a family vacation this weekend to Vancouver B.C. with a side trip to Whistler. I'm so scared because I've never been skiing before and I'm afraid I'll break my leg. Or both of them. Or my head. Or run into a tree. Oh G-d! What if I run into a tree?

(Wait, aren't I on anti-anxiety medication? what's with the anxiety?)

OH scoffed and said there's nothing to worry about. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT?!? We're only going to the biggest ski resort in North America, where I will learn to ski for the first time ever, and I am not a kid anymore. I am 32 with lots of fear, and fragile bones. I'm a-skeered.

He said not to worry, the skiiers around me will not be experts, they will be going veeeerrry sloooooow. I thought, "Great, I'm going skiing with all the other novices. They are going to run over me, albeit veeerry slooowly, and I'm going to die." Ha ha, what fun! Cheery girl, I am.

So now I have to act brave and like I'm not ready to pee my pants at the thought of going to the biggest ski resort in North America, all in order to not endure scoffs from my husband. Did I mention I'm not to fond of driving in the snow, either? Yeah. So the trip up there should be a hoot.

I'm actually really looking forward to trying skiing. I've wanted to try it since forever, and I'm sure it'll be fun. I just need them to clear the mountain of all the other skiiers. And the trees. Get rid of those killer trees, please.

Give me a good book and a steaming cup of tea, and I'm a happy girl.

Speaking of tea, here is a timely food tip: Tazo Zen tea is fabulous! Try it, try it now, for it is yummy and delicious and decaffeinated. Love. This. Tea.

My mom may be upset that we are going to Vancouver instead of going to visit her, where there is also skiing. I will just say that, we plan to come and visit, mom. We just really need to go to Vancouver right now.

Now why don't we all go have some Zen tea and feel the love?

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