Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Our Butts Were in a Pew on Christmas Day

We have a bed now! I feel like such a grown up! No more futons, no more futons, no more futons......hooray! OH went to pick up the mattress last night because they weren't going to deliver it until Friday. Apparently the tv store people do the mattress deliveries in our town, and they had many, many tv/mattress deliveries this week so we couldn't be fit in their schedule until then. Hey, I'm proud of the fact that I buy locally, but WTF is up with that? Anyway, we have a bed and I do not care how or why; it's here and I'm soooo happy.

To push the excitement toward orgasmic heights, today is the day our bathroom should get finished. Maybe. We shall see. It would be too great, wouldn't it? To be DONE with the whole remodel thing? Yes, yes it would be great. Look at me, counting chickens that haven't hatched yet!

We had a busy four-day weekend. Friday was OC's birthday, so we spent the afternoon running errands to prepare. I did spend some time snuggling her that morning, because how long is she going to let me do that? I guess I've got a few more years of that, but it felt good.

I can't believe I have a five-year old.

Christmas was very nice. OC loved all her gifts. She especially liked her Thomas the Tank Engine train tracks, which she and OH played with Christmas morning. Santa got her a Hello Kitty umbrella, which she loves to use when we walk to and from school.

Some churches were in a quandary for what to do this year since Christmas was on a Sunday. Yes, you read that right. I read an article in the newspaper which interviewed several ministers regarding their decision. Frequently, it boiled down to Christmas being a family day. Is that amazing or what? Do what you want; go to church, don't go to church, I don't care. But when churches can't decide whether or not to hold church services on the same Sunday that Christmas happens to fall, I am amazed.

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